Ceud Mìle Fàilte – Welcome

Oh, hello there!

We have not met before, have we? Let me introduce myself and give you a short overview of my work and translation services I offer.

I started working as a freelance translator in 2001. Then moved to Scotland in 2006 and set up my own business as a freelance translator and web developer. Since 2007 I am continuously translating for a big publishing company in the tourism industry. I have also translated and localised several websites and blogs.

When you move to another country you will come across a lot of opportunities and chances. I finally got the courage to do what I always wanted to do. Being self-employed with my own small business is like living the dream.

Language Services

Trading under the name Speaking World, I am offering my language services as a translator and web designer. Although I have to admit, that I more or less ended the web design part of my business.
As I am German, I usually translate from English to German. But if you need translations in other languages as well, fret not. Over the years I have built up a network with other translators. So even if you are looking for a larger project with translations in several languages, I can help you with that as well.

Web development and Localisation

I wrote my first website in 1999 with notepad in HTML. Things have progressed from then.
At one point I came across a content management system called Joomla, which kept me fascinated and very busy for a couple of years. It was great fun to set up bilingual websites using this CMS.

Today I am mostly working with shop systems like Magento or OpenCart and as of lately I am discovering the wonderful world of WordPress.

Life on the Edge

Living on the edge of Europe, on a small – maybe not so small – island off the Westcoast of Scotland definitely has it advantages…

From time to time I will write about it in my blog.