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Blogging. Again!

I have a confession to make.

I have blogged before. But I think I was never really good at it. Why, you may ask. After all, it is just a blog and you are a writer, so, get going.

Well, I think it has something to do with the fact that I am a bit passionate about things that are really close to my heart. And then, when I write about it, at one point, I am getting carried away very often.
That can be a good thing to blog or write everything what is on your chest, but it can also horribly backfire and I still feel the burn…

The other thing is, what am I going to blog about on my “work” page? Or blogging about books… how very creative for a translator…not!

I could write about Scotland and the Outer Hebrides, but this is not a travel blog and I think others can do so much better.

Or I could blog about music … and bore you to death. Probably. Unless you are a folk musician.


To be fairly honest, I always found this professional work blogging extremely boring. Seriously, I very often cannot be bothered to continue reading. But, if I keep on blogging about what I am writing or translating, you would know that I am actually doing something and not just sit here twiddling my thumbs.

Hm…. again, I know….

I think I will blog whatever will cross my mind, what is important to me right at that minute when I am writing it. But I promise, there won’t be anything about politics, cross my heart. Seriously, I will keep that to myself 🙂 . Might be better!

But there are also enough other subjects to write about and right now, something is on my fingertips, I think I feel the next blog post coming on. That was quick!

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