Moving into a new office

These are exciting times indeed.
Since I started my business in 2007 I was always working from home, sometimes under really miserable conditions, but you don’t really need much as a translator. It basically boils down to a computer or laptop, working internet and maybe a mobile phone.

office under the roofBut now, for the first time in 13 years, I have a real office in a real building!
Fairly soon I will also put up a sign above the shop window.

There are still a few bits and bobs to be done, to be sorted etc. but most of the stuff is already here and set up.
In fact, I am writing these lines from my new desk in my new office, ha!

So, hopefully, my new office chair will arrive soon as the wooden chair is not exactly ideal …

But all in good time, this is just the beginning!

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