die warnung der raben
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The Warning of the Ravens

The Warning of the Ravens – Rachel Villes

Brigit returns to her city of birth in search of the only family she has, her grandmother. Of the few memories she has left, little remains in the almost abandoned city of Ballymote. Its streets, houses and forests conceal mysteries which seem to go back in times when, from legends rose something very real, something monstrous.
Ancestral confrontations, bitter rivalries and an uncertain future, where Brigit must find all the replies, look into her nightmares and discover the truth in a dark world which is no longer hers and is revealed within the shadows when the ravens warn.


Rachel Villes wrote a great book with villains from times gone by. Suspense, mystery and romance all in one book.

She tells the story of a young girl, who finds out that her life and her heritage are anything else but “normal”. She always had the feeling that something was off and was struggling to come to terms with her mother’s mental health problems.

When she finds out the truth and learns that some things are not just a myth or a fairy tale but very real, she ends up in a dangerous situation.

It was a pleasure to translate it.


Rachel’s testimonial:

Wonderful translator. A meticulous and very careful work. It has been a pleasure to have her work and help. In direct and close contact. Just perfect.

German version is available on Amazon.

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