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Here is a list of the books I have already translated.

They are available through various channels like amazon, weltbild, kobo, apple, google play, barns & nobles and many more. Some of them are only available as e-books, others also as printed books e.g. paperback.

It is great fun to translate a book, so much more satisfying than short snippets of text or data. That can be fun too, but books to me are more fun as I love reading.


die warnung der rabenThe Warning of the Ravens – Die Warnung der Raben

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peter pan hello my name is peterHello my name is Peter – Hallo, ich heiße Peter

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a knight in tarnished armour jill barnett


A Knight in Tarnished Armor – Ein Ritter in schmutziger Rüstung

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saving graceSaving Grace – Der falsche Highlander

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Jill’s testimonial: I couldn’t ask for a better translation team. Very meticulous!





my something wonderful book cover

My Something Wonderful

He took her from all she had ever known, asked her to trust him when she most needed someone to trust, and she followed with her heart, unaware he carried a dark secret that could tear them apart….

When a stranger, a golden knight who is one of the king’s barons, comes to Glenna Gordon’s isolated island farm, she learns her whole life has been a lie. Lyall Roberston, Baron Montrose, carries a secret royal order to take Glenna to the father she has never known, a man so powerful he has hidden his daughter away to protect her from his enemies.

The first book of a series and I can’t wait for the next one!!

From New York Times bestseller author Jill Barnett



currently in the process of publishing:

carried away jill barnettCarried Away
author: Jill Barnett




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