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Here is a list of the books I have already translated.

They are available through various channels like amazon, weltbild, kobo, apple, google play, barns & nobles and many more. Some of them are only available as e-books, others also as printed books e.g. paperback.

It is great fun to translate a book, so much more satisfying than short snippets of text or data. That can be fun too, but books to me are more fun as I love reading.

I have added a link to Amazon for your convenience. If you click on the link you will be forwarded to the Amazon website and if you decide to buy, I will get a small percentage of it.


The Warning of the Ravens – Die Warnung der Raben

Rachel Villaamil wrote a great book with villains from times gone by. Suspense, mystery and romance all in one book. It was a pleasure to translate it.

Her testimonial:
Wonderful translator. A meticulous and very careful work. It has been a pleasure to have her work and help. In direct and close contact. Just perfect.


Hello my name is Peter – Hallo, ich heiße Peter

Robert Steiner did a spin-off of Peter Pan and Wendy. Wendy is old now but has to go back to Nimmerland to save Peter




A Knight in Tarnished Armor – Ein Ritter in schmutziger Rüstung

Vol 1 of the short series Fool Me Once

From the New York Times Bestseller author Jill Barnett comes this lovely medieval romance



Saving Grace – Der falsche Highlander

Vol 2 of the series Fool Me Once

Jill Barnett a New York Times bestseller author, wrote a historical love story based in the Highlands of Scotland

Jill’s testimonial: I couldn’t ask for a better translation team. Very meticulous!





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