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What I am doing right now? Ach well …

You don’t need to be mad to work here, but it might help …

Seriously, where did this year go?

I mean … woooosh .. and now it is already November and I feel as if I am still stuck in April or so. Help!

Well, the main reason why I did not write much here: I was busy. And I mean, I was really, really busy. Here are the main reasons why …

I translated another book for the wonderful Jill Barnett. It is not yet available, but I hope it will be published soon and then you can buy it on the usual publishing platforms. As always, I will announce it here on my page as well   * click me *

… and another website

The next project was a website I set up for WITGA. WITGA stands for Western Isles Tourguide Association, a group where I also worked for. This year I stopped the tour guiding as my health is not very good and I have so many other things on my plate to take care of.  Last year ended very sadly, as Joan, one of the founding members of WITGA and the main coordinator, and also a friend, got killed in a road accident on New Year’s Eve. At the beginning of this years, it was all hands on deck for the members and to get organised. The season was closing in and none of us had really a clue how to go on and where to start.  It was important, to get new customers in and offer an information platform, but there was also no website. So I offered my services to set up a good website.
This was first and foremost to help my former colleagues and friend, but also the last gift to Joan for all the hard work she put into it. May she rest in peace.

The website is now nearly done, only a few bits and bobs are missing. But she was ready to be launched just in time for a conference from Highland and Island Enterprises with regards to cruise ships and their impact on the Western Isles.
And lo and behold, I got a lot of praise for it! I am chuffed to bits.

If you want to know, what I did and also to find out more about WITGA, then please click here * click me *


… and even more translations …

In between, I had two more small translations, one for the Chamber of Commerce of the Highlands, the other one for a business that is about to launch their German website soon.


… bookkeeping and even more website work …

Oh yes, I still need to do my own bookkeeping for my tea store and of course maintain the website. Unfortunately, my current website does not always do what I want it to do. The system has made a massive jump to a new version which is highly complicated for poor old me. To work with it one has to know a lot about coding and I only have basic knowledge (… and no, I have no interest to learn that as well, thank you very much).
After I tried in vain for several months I finally gave up. No use in flogging a dead horse. Instead, I decided to try a completely different system, a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce.

I really hope that the new page will be online fairly soon. Then I will have happy customers and hopefully will be able to relax a bit more and have some time, because …


… the best news is coming now …

Around Christmas time I will become a Grannie for the first time and I am flipping excited !!!

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