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Work Examples

Below you find some of the work I did or am still doing.

As I mentioned before, a lot of information from my old website got lost, therefore it is a bit difficult to find my testimonials back 🙂

During the presidental campaign of the US of America I was asked to translate the lifeline of Senator John McCain. I must say, that it was a really interesting thing to do. He earned my full respect, may he rest in peace.




At the same time I also had to proofread the lifeline of the former President Barack Obama which of course was also very interesting.





TEXTMAGIC is an app for mobiles, a text messaging service. I was working in a team to translate the interface.





TRAVELDESTINTION SCOTLAND was a small, ambitious project for a new information portal. I built the page with Joomla and it was bilingual.





WELCOMETOSCOTLAND.COM is a huge travelportal, connected to Landmark Press. My job was it to tidy up old translations and to translate a lot of the narratives on the page. There were thousands of accommodation listings I have translated over the years




Over the years I started to translate the visitor guides for LANDMARK PRESS, which you will find in nearly every B&B, Guesthouse or Hotel in Scotland. They are full of really helpful information including a map. You can also download them  for free in several languages on

There have been other websites dealing with carp-fishing tackle, digital cameras and golf, but most of them seem to have ceased to exist.

Other customers I cannot mention here for other reasons or to protect their privacy.

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